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  2. Are you ready for hockey?

    well we never know.... I'd like to see Ottawa win first...
  3. Are Achievements still relevant?

    yeah, I was all cool down with the idea, remember when NHL Arcade 3 vs 3 came out I was more likely one of the first out there to collect all the trophies in 2 - 3-hour span than I think that's where I stop caring for trophies. I don't like the idea you need to do specific tasks to achieve them.
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  5. PS4 Group

    I will make one right now via the forums! by the time you see this you'll see a PS4 Group.
  6. Hello

    haha... I've tried to delete the first one... but couldn't figure out how to
  7. Hello

    Wife is so nice, he mentioned it twice!
  8. Hello

    My wife is canadian, from Calgary.
  9. Are you ready for hockey?

    Being a Canucks fan my expectations are tempered somewhat but I certainly look forward to the season getting going. Vancouver has looked painfully slow against the younger faster teams. Watching teams like Edmonton and Toronto play these days is a completely different experience with the product Vancouver has been putting on the ice in the past couple of years. With some young guys in the organization showing promise there's a bit of light at the end of the rebuilding tunnel though. Oh, Vancouver will still be the next Canadian team to win the cup.
  10. Hello

    My wife is canadian, from Calgary.
  11. Hello

    Welcome Eduardo. What brought you to Calgary?
  12. Are Achievements still relevant?

    I think you said it in your post "...brief sense of accomplishment". It's just one more part of the gaming experience on the Xbox One (like trophies on the PS4). That being said, a lot of people still see high cheevo scores as a sign of accomplishment, so there is that too. Outtie
  13. PS4 Group

    Hey guys, Just wondering if there is a PS4 group that I can join or if we should create one. Let me know so we can start to play together. Cheers!
  14. Hello

    Thank you my friend! I will add you guys for sure! Cheers!
  15. Hello

  16. Hello

    Hahahaha... do you take debit card? I've found on google... just trying to build some network since I'm new to Canada.
  17. Achievements are a novel idea. I loved them when they were introduced but now, aside from the brief sense of accomplishment when I see the notification pop up on screen, I get little value from them otherwise. Do you still pay attention to Achievements?
  18. Eh oh!

    I've witnessed the destruction of a buffet. It is not a pretty site. The owners kept coming out and glancing at our table. Then mutter to themselves as they shook their head and walked away.
  19. Hello

    Welcome to the nut house. Population +1.
  20. Eh oh!

    Geezus, they'll let anyone in now. Yep, I said that. Outtie
  21. Toys R Us filing for bankruptcy shortly...

    Further on Outtie saying that most stores is profitable is very much true, but they also carry about a half billion in debt which they can't get ahead of and is putting them into the hole. Some vendors are demanding that Toys R Us pay for their product before they get it which they don't have. So, the Chapter 11 is also a financial strategy to get them into a position where they can build some inventory going into their busy holiday season where they will make most of their money. If you're into business it's very interesting in what they are doing because it's not something like Sears or Target where they just aged and hosed themselves over. There is also people saying businesses like Hasbro and Mattel will never let them go out of business because they make about 10% of their sales off of Toys R Us. For them to lose that would be huge.
  22. Xbox One X Are You Getting One?

    First in line and pre-ordered within 5 minutes of announcement. Won a $150 EB card from Fan Expo as well which put a nice dent in it.
  23. Eh oh!

    Recognize a boat load of names on here and been meaning to sign up for awhile. Sorry for anyone rage quits the site because I'm here now. However, if you need someone to scare the ladies at a nearby buffet I can always ask them, "When do you close?" as I put a napkin in my shirt. Luc messaged me today asking about (shameless plug) so I figured I better get on here and participate. I can make a different post about that but it's good to see all the familiar names even though I think I have 90% of you on Xbox Live/PSN. Cheers.
  24. Hello

    Hey Eduardo, Good to see you've found us. I hope that the stay is enjoyable. Feel free to add us to your friends list on whatever platform you play on. Cheers, Kirby Y
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  26. Unacknowledged Netflix documentary.

    i watched it yesterday - liked it although a bit chaotic
  27. Doom Running on Nintendo Switch

    I'm usually not a fan of horror gory gamers but I might get this one since I could play on a such a small screen and see that I'm not falling my whole self in that environment...
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