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  • Fifty was found sleeping in his bed this morning
  • BBQ Bacon was release from custody after smuggling bacon at a vegan party
  • X-Warlock is trying to sell his video card
  • creeping_judas was caught drinking budweiser last week as TMZ reports
  • Wolfe hasn't got his Xbox One yet


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    Stay away from Vizio, or if you do, buy the extended warranty. I have a 70" Vizio 1080p TV collecting dust, as it went kaput 3 weeks after the purchase date and Vizio told us just to buy a new one, as to get it fixed now would cost me more than buying a new replacement. And no, they would not budge on that warranty either. Best Buy guy told me they don't even bother to deal with Vizio when there is an issue and the purchaser has an extended warranty, they just offer up a new TV right off the bat, it's easier than dealing with Vizio.
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    Hello all, The name is Donald but I normally go by Tywaz or Ty...something online. I've been gaming most of my life starting with my Atari 2600. Mainly found on Xbox Live now. Would love to start getting some games online again.
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    I keep that option in my 5 mins of daily exercise. ... that's how I stay slim.
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    This absolutely nails my feelings on the matter. I read somewhere that 2-5% of players drive the revenue from these models. The problem with this is that even is the majority of gamers boycott a game it may not affect that revenue stream. My son Sam and I fall into that first category you mention. We're both huge Star Wars fans and are playing purely for the fun of it. I had a really good time last night playing through the start of the campaign. The game isn't without its technical issues. Man, I don't know what they've done to the cutscenes but they're crap. The gameplay looks stunning but the cutscenes are certainly not part of the 4K asset package. I don't expect the cut scenes to be in full 4K but they're pixellated as all hell and not even in 1080p. Its almost like they're being streamed from some low quality source. What you can find on YouTube is better quality. To me its a real blemish on the game's overall level of polish.
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    I have to say my favorite game is Super Punch-Out! I still play it yearly, getting my muscle memory back, trying to get all rounds perfect to get to the Special Circuit. Trying to complete the Special Circuit flawlessly, to get the special ending... Damn it, I might have to pick it up again over the weekend!
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    I didn't play a lot of video games growing up. It wasn't until the ps2 was a couple of years old before I really started to game. I was always really into hockey games though, I'd have to say that NHLPA Hockey was my favourite. Unlimited fighting and that was back when EA knew how to make a good hockey game. For the newer consoles I'd say that the Gears Of War series is my all time favourite
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    Ooooh now its showing as being processed in Ottawa, which means it gets processed in the wii early hours and sent to Beachburg before 7am for delivery!! I might stop in at the post office after the kids get on the bus and pick it up before it goes out for delivery.
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    Here's a good report on the usage of mobile devices in an everyday family. http://watch.cbc.ca/marketplace/season-45/episode-7/38e815a-00d45476c99 On my part, i need to do a better job with the usage of my phone. I'm not always on it but on it at the worst time of the day.... at the table on dinner time.... video is a little less then 23 minutes long.
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    Someone was throwing him a cheetos. Shame Luc didn't put up the picture where it smacks him in the forehead.
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    I think that is the part of the fun of it. Just Sayin'
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    You know I'd just be crashing these trucks at will.
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