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    First in line and pre-ordered within 5 minutes of announcement. Won a $150 EB card from Fan Expo as well which put a nice dent in it.
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    Hey @noodle I got your avatar right here for you....
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    Hey guys, Just wondering if there is a PS4 group that I can join or if we should create one. Let me know so we can start to play together. Cheers!
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    haha... I've tried to delete the first one... but couldn't figure out how to
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    Further on Outtie saying that most stores is profitable is very much true, but they also carry about a half billion in debt which they can't get ahead of and is putting them into the hole. Some vendors are demanding that Toys R Us pay for their product before they get it which they don't have. So, the Chapter 11 is also a financial strategy to get them into a position where they can build some inventory going into their busy holiday season where they will make most of their money. If you're into business it's very interesting in what they are doing because it's not something like Sears or Target where they just aged and hosed themselves over. There is also people saying businesses like Hasbro and Mattel will never let them go out of business because they make about 10% of their sales off of Toys R Us. For them to lose that would be huge.
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    Hey, I don't know if you guys have checked this already, but every week I really enjoy watching The Game Informer show on youtube. It's really fun to watch and good to keep up with all the new games and some reviews to help to decide which games to buy or not. Cheers and game on!
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    I got 3 offices Number 1: Number 2: Number 3:
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    Hello everyone, after some chats with Luc, I finally found some time to make my first post here in this community. Great to see there is a place like this on the net. I'm 35 years old and from the Netherlands. Some of you might remember ArenaCenter.net (2000-2007), I was founder and owner of it, together with Frederik Landin from Sweden. We bundled arena (boards, decks etc.) updates for the NHL pc versions and put a lot of other stuff to download on our site. Now, 17 years later, I sometimes play NHL but I'm very busy with one of my startups. It's about drones and drone racing. I take drones to schools, where I train teachers and students in creativity and collaboration. I basically organize drones races at schools. So if you want to see more, please respond and I will post some videos. For now, thanks for reading this post and hopefully we will meet eachother here in the community.
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    Welcome to the madness Sem. I hope your stay here, in the forums, is an enjoyable one. Outtie.
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    don't you have to live within a 10-20mile radius from the parcel depot to make it worthwhile though?
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    I drink water infused coffee!
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    Got the word from my bosses that they are ok with me working remotely full time. So we've given notice at the apartment and will be moving to Canyon BC by the end of October. I have been working 2 weeks there and 2 weeks back in Calgary for the past 2 months and it has worked well, so everything has been given the green light. Will certainly make life easier financially not having to pay $1,600/month for the apartment.
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    Hey guys, what are you current top 10 songs you listen to at the moment they don't need to be new songs... i often go back and forth.. 1: Down to my Last - Alterbrigde 2: Sound of Silence - Disturbed 3: Push - Thousand Foot Krutch 4: Angel Falls - Breaking Benjamin 5: Cold Hard B**** - Jet 6: The Kids aren't Alright - Offspring 7: Whats Eating you - Airbourne 8: Open your Eyes - Alterbridge 9: It ends tonight - The All American Rejects 10: Judas - Fozzy
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    It's because the game isn't being hindered by last gen graphical limitations in the game engine since it's only released on current gen systems this time around. I'm fully expecting HDR support and 4k when the XB1X launches.
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    Welcome "officially" to BC man. Now where's the invite...?
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    I would agree on each and every point with you good sir!
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    Damm i was just about to put ads on everypage and put one post per page so we would get more "clicks".... LOL
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    Lol that's actually what I sort of resorted to. Tossed an old boom box on the passenger seat and plugged into the lighter. New stereo system sounds much better!
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    I got an update!!! I traded in my old GMC Jimmy (for a whopping $100... this is actually about $80 more than I expected for it) and got a new toy. 2013 Toyota Rav 4 AWD LE, fully equipped. This thing drives like a dream!
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    "God by America" If tax money would be maintain conservatively well and no one would take advantage we wouldn't need insurance, the human race doesnt help each other they compete each other instead. Truly sad what's happening and wish everyone affected the best recovery.
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    Mine's a Samsung 55" - can't remember the rest of the details, but it does have HDR and it makes a pretty big difference with a lot of games. It's really nice. Very happy with my TV/PS4 Pro investment!
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    My personal fav is the sites that immediately pop up asking you to disable your ad blockers now. Or better yet the ones that beg you to subscribe before you can even read their content. Oh, and let's not forget ALL of these fucking click bait sites with those popups to send notifications now too... because that's just what everyone wants showing up on their desktop as they work... "This videogame developer fucked 8 penguins a day and you won't believe why..."
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    Well I finally took the plunge. Went with the KS8000 series. 60".
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    You know as well, that it's not the same franchise Luc... all well that NHL 'agreed' to have the new team 'keep' the old Stanley Cups.. BUT it's not for nothing that they started with a clean sheet on the Team Record.. In any case, the 0 will do for # of cups for the next few decades
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