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  1. Are you ready for hockey?

    well we never know.... I'd like to see Ottawa win first...
  2. Are Achievements still relevant?

    yeah, I was all cool down with the idea, remember when NHL Arcade 3 vs 3 came out I was more likely one of the first out there to collect all the trophies in 2 - 3-hour span than I think that's where I stop caring for trophies. I don't like the idea you need to do specific tasks to achieve them.
  3. PS4 Group

    I will make one right now via the forums! by the time you see this you'll see a PS4 Group.
  4. Doom Running on Nintendo Switch

    I'm usually not a fan of horror gory gamers but I might get this one since I could play on a such a small screen and see that I'm not falling my whole self in that environment...
  5. Are you ready for hockey?

    As a Sens fan, I can't wait even though I got no clue where my team how my team will end up playing... Last season was a thrill and ended up in a heartbreak, but should be a blast to see some younger blood joining our team. ARE YOU READY?
  6. View from your office?

    I got 3 offices Number 1: Number 2: Number 3:
  7. View from your office?

    is your parking brake always on?
  8. Hello

    Hey Buddy! Welcome to GamerDads, just send us your credit card number and we'll do the rest! HAHA! Thanks for Joining brother! How did you found out about us?
  9. Amazon Prime - XBOX One X Available for pre-order guys for prime members. Thought I'd share
  10. Fortnite ... we need to discuss this game!

    this game interests me, and last weekend by "accident" Xbox and Playstation players were battling head to head... I love the idea of cross play I really do.
  11. I didn't see this coming, but yet not surprised
  12. I didn't see this coming, but yet not surprised
  13. PS4 Leagues

    Lol the roles got reversed... I'll be waiting a bit.
  14. Hey, folks, I open a nostalgic section to the forums since I think it became a new trend to play older and previous games. Starting with a topic to might have everyone attention or that anyone can actually answer. So as for myself, I remember playing a whole lot of Super Mario, Tetris, Donkey Kong Country and of course the biggest hockey game classic NHL '94. What are your favourite retro games?