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  1. I've been starting to look at Model 3 or a Chevy Bolt. My car should go another 3 or 4 years so it will depend on the market then and if Ontatio is still giving 14k towards one.
  2. Destiny 2

    Seems pretty good to me, I'm thinking about it but also considering waiting for Black Friday. I'm wondering how far behind in Destiny I'll be if I wait 2 months.
  3. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

    Can I have your Ally codes? Mine is 949-997-291 but I'm probably not high enough level to be of much use. Enjoying the game so I decided to buy the first daily shard pack and the dark side starter pack. I find with these freemium games if I'm going to play I might as well spend a little money to avoid some of the initial grind.
  4. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

    I made the mistake of installing this after reading your post...Read a starting guide first and they suggested creating new accounts until you get a good 4 star hero before level 8. I made 8 accounts already to get Lando so I'll go with this one and start the grind. I think I'll enjoy it so I may spend a little actual money to get a little further in the game.
  5. Xbox One S media capabilities

    So with everyone else deciding on pre-orders for the One X, I'm considering finally picking up an Xbox One but only an S. Wondering how everyone finds it for streaming 4K Netflix and as a UHD player? I was thinking about getting a 4K Roku but then realized I could go this route instead and then get my 4K streaming and play Destiny 2. I'm becoming more and more of a casual gamer so won't be picking up an Xbox One X at this point.
  6. Harmony 650 universal remote

    I've been using this model for the past 5 years or so and the buttons are going on me. Picked up a new one today in the US for 34.99. I would like to switch to non-IR remotes but for this price it can wait.
  7. No more pinball detour

    Just starting vacation and driving back to the maritimes to visit family and had a slight detour planned to stop at the Pinball Wizard Arcade in New Hampshire. Website is still up but when I was checking directions this morning, Google search has it as permanently closed Which is confirmed on their Facebook page. I was only there once but had a great time. Once I hit my teenage years, Pinball machines became my go to when I went to the arcade. Any other pinball fans?
  8. Available Nintendo Switch!

    Finally picked one up today. Found one at shoppers and it was a bonus points redemption day so I had enough for $200 off and got about $40 worth of points on the purchase with a digital coupon. Great place to buy consoles if you can wait for stock. On my way to EB to pick up my mk8 preorder.
  9. The Great Mayo Debate!

    I've been making my own similar to this link: Tried some avocado oil mayo from Costco but it has a funky taste.
  10. iPhone6 and Contacts Question

    Check settings -> facebook and is contacts on?
  11. 10 feet of zeldawesomeness

    Still waiting, I haven't really looked yet but will get one in the next month or two. I'm hoping to find one at Shoppers on a bonus points day because I hate paying full price for consoles.
  12. 10 feet of zeldawesomeness

    My Zelda looks really nice in the case, as soon as I get a switch I'm sure it will look better on screen.
  13. noodle

  14. Are you getting "The Switch"?

    I'll be getting one, just not sure when. I've pre-ordered Zelda and MarioKart by trading in 3ds games that I no longer play, but haven't pre-ordered the console. Most of my gaming has been on my 3ds, vita, and iPad the last few years, so I'm looking forward to the portability of the Switch.