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  • Fifty was found sleeping in his bed this morning
  • BBQ Bacon was release from custody after smuggling bacon at a vegan party
  • X-Warlock is trying to sell his video card
  • creeping_judas was caught drinking budweiser last week as TMZ reports
  • Wolfe hasn't got his Xbox One yet


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  1. Well f*ck!...

    it'll all be gone by tuesday. Don't worry
  2. Xbox One X Are You Getting One?

    I'll get one if I win one
  3. What is your favourite game of all time?

    I didn't play a lot of video games growing up. It wasn't until the ps2 was a couple of years old before I really started to game. I was always really into hockey games though, I'd have to say that NHLPA Hockey was my favourite. Unlimited fighting and that was back when EA knew how to make a good hockey game. For the newer consoles I'd say that the Gears Of War series is my all time favourite
  4. 4K HDMI splitter

    I know when we did Zibanejad's house he had all 4k tv's but nothing was displaying as 4k only because the splitters couldn't handle it. But he was in his house for 10 days before getting traded
  5. I'm going to be rich

    This sounds 100% legit! I'll let you know how my transaction with the prince of Nigeria goes
  6. oh the opportunities...
  7. Hi folks!

    no one admits that
  8. 4K HDMI splitter

    highest that I've seen in those as well is only 60mhz
  9. 4K HDMI splitter

    you eventually will. but the majority of them have their own power supply to boost it back up. Everything that I have come across has been at most 60 fps although I'm sure something is on its way
  10. NHL18

    how many tuners have come out to make the game exactly the same as the past few years?
  11. View from your office?

    BEEP! Got the alarm. Reset Panel. Repeat
  12. NHL18

    this was shown to me today... I think I've been saying this for a few years now but what do I know https://www.polygon.com/2017/9/13/16301178/nhl-18-review-ea-sports-electronic-arts
  13. He was pretty good and made it pretty far last season
  14. Rebranding the Ottawa Senators

    we can only hope