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  • Fifty was found sleeping in his bed this morning
  • BBQ Bacon was release from custody after smuggling bacon at a vegan party
  • X-Warlock is trying to sell his video card
  • creeping_judas was caught drinking budweiser last week as TMZ reports
  • Wolfe hasn't got his Xbox One yet

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  1. March Madness

    If anyone is interested, I am organizing a March Madness pool. Brackets are on ESPN. Cost is $20. Deadline is short, i just thought of posting it here. Brackets need to be submitted by 12 tomorrow. You'd have to email transfer me the cash by end of day tomorrow. Right now i am estimating between 25 and 30 entries. If you're interested PM me or hit me up on facebook (Troy Jenner) or email me direct (troy.jenner@rogers.com). The email is probably fastest for response. If you don't have an ESPN account you'd have to make one, no cost associated with that.
  2. A little project of mine

    Yeah for sure... forward along.
  3. A little project of mine

    Jake if you could find those old videos and stuff. Like Insano's Splinter cell ones with the spy vs. merc action. That would be awesome. I've got some others, especially from Edmonton at home.
  4. Logan

    We'll be seeing this for sure. Always go with the Mrs. to theater for almost all Marvel properties. Iam stoked for R rated Wolverine.
  5. Internet Speeds? What You Getting?

    i was on the phone with Rogers for other issues... and checked my plan. I am on 100u/25 down Rogers ignite (I was wrong). so i was experiencing 20% volume dip when i did the test. I pay around $80/month. However I pay about $380/month after my home phone, HD cable and sports packages, and 3 cell phones are factored in. Gawd.
  6. Internet Speeds? What You Getting?

    Well on the upside you're still faster then 32% of the country.
  7. Internet Speeds? What You Getting?

    Just ran this test now. 80/10. Unlimited. Rogers high speed extreme (but not ignite).
  8. I am Night Chicken

    But my friends call me Chuck. Gamed extensively on 360 with many peeps here... have transitioned to PS4 in the long years after XCL. Haven't played much multiplayer until titanfall2 recently. Great to be back in a community like this.