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  1. Are Achievements still relevant?

    I think you said it in your post "...brief sense of accomplishment". It's just one more part of the gaming experience on the Xbox One (like trophies on the PS4). That being said, a lot of people still see high cheevo scores as a sign of accomplishment, so there is that too. Outtie
  2. Eh oh!

    Geezus, they'll let anyone in now. Yep, I said that. Outtie
  3. Hello

    Hey Eduardo, Good to see you've found us. I hope that the stay is enjoyable. Feel free to add us to your friends list on whatever platform you play on. Cheers, Kirby Y
  4. Doom Running on Nintendo Switch

    Seems that a bunch of videos have hit the interwebz with an early build of Doom running on the Nintendo Switch. Have to say it looks pretty slick. Imagine playing this in the airport, on a plane, or on a bus. Anyhow, enjoy the 10 minute video (ps - all the vids seems to be off screen, and game in portable (720p) mode).
  5. Scuf Gaming Accessories for the Xbox Elite

    They have the regular size, as well as as two others that are taller. Plus, as with the elite, you have regular and domed analog sticks.
  6. HDR on regular PS4

    I think Sam might be on to something. I don't think the PS4 was ever designed to support true HDR. It's almost like asking the original Xbox One to do it. I think it might be simulated HDR, but I am not 100% sure.
  7. Hi to all

    Welcome to the madness Sem. I hope your stay here, in the forums, is an enjoyable one. Outtie.
  8. Holy GEEZUZ, Check out the new video for Bethesda's upcoming Wolfenstein looks INSANE. Not totally safe for work video either.
  9. Destiny 2

    Come join "Jeeps Nation" as there is a good group of adult gamers who love to just play game. We have fun dammit. Outtie
  10. Toys R Us filing for bankruptcy shortly...

    I read last night that Amazon did 4 billion dollars in toy sales last year. That is just effin' incredible. Also, the same article said many of Toys R Us stores are profitable, it's just the ones that aren't that are dragging everything down. So, how the hell do you file for Chapter 11 when a chunk of your stores are still profitable? Oh well, it's quite amazing, and sad, to see such a long running toy store have to take this step. Outtie
  11. Destiny 2

    Yeppers, still enjoying it. Having fun taking my brother in law thru higher level stuff so he can slowly grind up to the rest of us. I have a Titan at 20/288 and a Warlock at 20/274. I try to do somethilng everyday if I can. Outtie
  12. Run for the hills im back.....

    MAXINE, How the hell are ya. Good to see you're alive and kickin' Been way to long buddy. Outtie
  13. Nintendo big announcement revealed

    For those wondering, here is a comparison video (early visuals on Switch of course) of DOOM....PS4 vs. Switch. You can clearly see the differences, but that would be expected. Still, not bad looking, just not great.
  14. Scuf Gaming Accessories for the Xbox Elite

    I like the thumbsticks much better. They actually seem to have a 'stickiness' to them, as I find that my thumbs seem to have a better grip on them. It's strange. That being said, if you eat, or get any of your drink on your hand, make sure to wipe it off as the sticks can become slippery for a brief moment. All in all, I like what Scuf have done.
  15. Scuf Gaming Accessories for the Xbox Elite

    Hey All, When I was down at PAX West this year I had a long talk with Scuf gaming and have had a chance to check out some of their products. They have created some great accessories for the Elite controller, including new paddles that are not so obstrusive, better feeling analog sticks, and even better grips. Yes, the grips are better. I love the Elite controller, but one of my complaints has always been the triggers, and how they get in the way when I hold the controller like a normal controller, I could not find a comfortable way to hold it with the trigger where they were. Weill I think Scuf did a great job in this area. As for the analog sticks, they have a 'more sticky' like feeling and I find that my fingers seems to grip it a bit better. Yeah, that may sound strange, but you have to try it to understand it. I am pretty amazed how they actually improved on the controller in the way they did. Even the d-pad is improved. If you look at it, it is raised at the bottom right hand corner, and when taking your thumb off the analog stick, you just slide it back to hit the ridge, and don't even really have to press down. It's very ergonomically designed for ease of use. Yes, it sounds silly, but until you use it you'll never know you wanted something like that. I have included a couple of pics too.