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  1. Xbox One X - first impressions?

    Dude, you are so right. I am still noticing things in COD: WWII that makes me realize how good of a job they did to optimize the game to look great on the X1X. And every time I fire up FM7, I can't believe how good the interiors of the look. I am doing a race series in old open cockpit cars, and man, the detail right down to the metal plate with the car's name on it in the cockpit is amazing (how real looking the metal is). Personally, I am happy with the Xbox One X so far, and watching comparison videos of Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro, which the PS zealots defended as being the so power, which indeed is a powerful machine, and how the X1X is clearly coming out on top. Man, they say there is not enough difference in PS4 pro vs. X1X to make it worthwhile. What I find funny about that is that when X1 fans said there wasn't much difference between 900p and 1080p, the Sony faithful crucified them. Now when the tables are turned, they are saying not much difference between the two resolutions (4K vs checker boarding or under 4K) to make a difference, when in reality, some of the differences are MUCH larger than 900p vs 1080p. Outtie
  2. Xbox One X - first impressions?

    Personally, I my Xbox One X, though I really don't know if it is for everyone. I can personally vouch for the Supersampling though. I played it during the past weekend on my GAEMS M240 and you could see more detail than when using the 'S'. Sure' it wasn't 4K quality, but it was fairly sharp. For me, I've been playing COD:WWII, and I have to say that it looks great for a COD game. There is a lot of detail in the MP maps (haven't played SP yet). And Shad's thoughts of Forza Motorsport 7 are spot on. Damn it looks GREAT, right down the reflecting lights on a wet track. Loading times are improved for sure. All in all, I like what we've got so far, and I can't wait to see what happens in the future. Outtie
  3. Player Unknow Battle Grounds Coming To Xbox Game Preview 12/12/17

    Yeah, I am interested to see what all the hype is all about. It will be interesting though, as console players won't have any aim assist, which is generally implemented in FPS games due to the fact that a Mouse & Keyboard are so much more accurate and easier to use in many ways. It will be an interesting preview game that is for sure... Kirby Y
  4. Spintires: Mudrunner - A driving game that looks very different

    I think that is the part of the fun of it. Just Sayin'
  5. We posted this trailer on our website today. Gotta say that this game somewhat intrigues me....given it's not a track based type driving game. Anyhow, check out the trailer below:
  6. Scuf Gaming Accessories for the Xbox Elite

    Funny thing, there is already tape in there for the original grips. So they are just replicating what MS already did to make sure the experience is the same. Kirby Y
  7. Scuf Gaming Accessories for the Xbox Elite

    Finally got around to writing up my review of the SCUF stuff. You can see it here: http://www.xboxaddict.com/Article/323/Review:-SCUF-Gaming-Accessories-for-Xbox-One-Elite-Controller-.html Anyhow, cheer, Kirby Y
  8. 4K HDMI splitter

    Surf Amazon and you'll find a ton of different splitters, switches, and the like for what you are looking for. Good luck. Outtie
  9. Forza 7

    You did see that they are addressing the VIP issue right? They are working on it as we speak and have been doing so for awhile now. It was announced on their webpage, and here is what they said on October 3rd if you didn't see it: Outtie
  10. Forza 7

    The initial Download is 68 gigs. Downloading as we speak. I also read somewhere that there is a Day One patch of around 40 gigs. Regardless, I am so looking to playing. Hope to see you fools online after release. Cheers, Outtie
  11. Are Achievements still relevant?

    I think you said it in your post "...brief sense of accomplishment". It's just one more part of the gaming experience on the Xbox One (like trophies on the PS4). That being said, a lot of people still see high cheevo scores as a sign of accomplishment, so there is that too. Outtie
  12. Eh oh!

    Geezus, they'll let anyone in now. Yep, I said that. Outtie
  13. Hello

    Hey Eduardo, Good to see you've found us. I hope that the stay is enjoyable. Feel free to add us to your friends list on whatever platform you play on. Cheers, Kirby Y
  14. Doom Running on Nintendo Switch

    Seems that a bunch of videos have hit the interwebz with an early build of Doom running on the Nintendo Switch. Have to say it looks pretty slick. Imagine playing this in the airport, on a plane, or on a bus. Anyhow, enjoy the 10 minute video (ps - all the vids seems to be off screen, and game in portable (720p) mode).
  15. Scuf Gaming Accessories for the Xbox Elite

    They have the regular size, as well as as two others that are taller. Plus, as with the elite, you have regular and domed analog sticks.