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  1. Are you ready for hockey?

    Being a Canucks fan my expectations are tempered somewhat but I certainly look forward to the season getting going. Vancouver has looked painfully slow against the younger faster teams. Watching teams like Edmonton and Toronto play these days is a completely different experience with the product Vancouver has been putting on the ice in the past couple of years. With some young guys in the organization showing promise there's a bit of light at the end of the rebuilding tunnel though. Oh, Vancouver will still be the next Canadian team to win the cup.
  2. Hello

    Welcome Eduardo. What brought you to Calgary?
  3. Achievements are a novel idea. I loved them when they were introduced but now, aside from the brief sense of accomplishment when I see the notification pop up on screen, I get little value from them otherwise. Do you still pay attention to Achievements?
  4. Best Gaming Show

    This is really cool, thanks! I'll be watching this for sure.
  5. 4K / HDR TV's

    Appreciate the feedback. I didn't end up going for the EB trade offer that I mentioned in the other thread. Glad I didn't after reading this!
  6. View from your office?

    If not my laptop here is generally my office view.
  7. Forza 7

    The demo is out now. What do you guys think? I gave it a spin last night. The driving felt great and the visuals, especially the lighting, was incredible. As smooth as the frame rate is even in the in-car views there's a noticeable jump in the sense of speed when you move to the hood view. I think that hood view is far and away the best view to play the game in because of that. Not quite sure whether I'm going to jump on the F7 just yet though...
  8. HDR on regular PS4

    I see EB is offering $200 trade value for any PS4 so I might treat myself to an early birthday present and upgrade to a Pro. With a couple of things I've got for sale on Craigslist at the moment the cash outlay would be close to a wash (read: wife friendly). My gut tells me its some sort of trickery.
  9. HDR on regular PS4

    I'm not convinced its not trickery on Sony's part somehow. I mean, I totally notice it for HDR enabled games on the S. Not just the MS games like FH3 and the Forza 7 demo (which look great) but also in a game like Ghost Recon. The effect doesn't seem the same on the PS4, even in a highly touted game like Horizon Zero Dawn. Leaves me to wonder.
  10. Toys R Us filing for bankruptcy shortly...

    Increasingly, buying stuff via Amazon Prime and having it delivered (sometimes same day even) is what we're doing too. Hell, the only way I was able to pre-order the XB1X through BestBuy was via delivery. There were no in-store pickup options. The Toys R Us near us just went through a move and a massive renovation in the process too.
  11. HDR on regular PS4

    So the regular PS4 somehow supports HDR. With the games I've tested I don't think it looks nearly as good as the games on the XB1S. I've done some looking around online and while there's some skepticism about how they're pulling it off there isn't really a ton of concrete information. Anyone else notice this? PS4 Pro owners have a better experience at all?
  12. What is your favourite game of all time?

  13. I love UFO-ology. Saw this on Netflix and will definitely check this out because of your endorsement. Steven Greer is a pretty polarizing guy in the field.
  14. Destiny 2

    Everyone still liking the game after a week or so? I've only been able to play an hour or two every second day or so. Right now I'm at 20/205 or so. I haven't even finish the story mode yet. I've been going through each of the areas doing all the Adventures, hidden loot cashes and finding chests before moving on what I'm guessing are the final story missions.
  15. Nitrogen infused coffee

    It sort of has the same feel or consistency as drinking a Guinness beer actually. So right there its a plus for me. Taste-wise it is hard to describe. It sort of added a slight sharpness or acidity hint to it?