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  1. Hello GamerDads

    Took you long enough. Welcome!
  2. What do you prefer?

    Another perk? Darn 3 year old kid can't eject the game or insert a new disc and interrupt whatever is being played!
  3. Star Wars Battlefront II

    I don't think that you're going to have to wait that long. Someone at EA was quoted recently saying the game would be discounted closer to TLJ's release in theaters.
  4. What do you prefer?

    I've long been a proponent for physical copies of games, if anything because I felt like I had some equity in the title (read: trade value). More and more I'm finding I'm opting for digital now for a number of factors: convenience of buying from home, often you get earlier access to a game & its easier to manage having multiple consoles in the house.
  5. Star Wars Battlefront II

    This absolutely nails my feelings on the matter. I read somewhere that 2-5% of players drive the revenue from these models. The problem with this is that even is the majority of gamers boycott a game it may not affect that revenue stream. My son Sam and I fall into that first category you mention. We're both huge Star Wars fans and are playing purely for the fun of it. I had a really good time last night playing through the start of the campaign. The game isn't without its technical issues. Man, I don't know what they've done to the cutscenes but they're crap. The gameplay looks stunning but the cutscenes are certainly not part of the 4K asset package. I don't expect the cut scenes to be in full 4K but they're pixellated as all hell and not even in 1080p. Its almost like they're being streamed from some low quality source. What you can find on YouTube is better quality. To me its a real blemish on the game's overall level of polish.
  6. Regardless of the drama that surrounds this game at the moment this is a day one purchase in our house. Sam is more excited for this game than Mario to the point where I'm thinking twice about even buying a Switch for the boys for Christmas. Anyone else getting this game? We're playing on XB1. Or has the recent backlash changed your mind? I must say it was nice to see EA address this today and actually implement some positive changes.
  7. Xbox One X - first impressions?

    The more I play the X the more I am impressed. The more I play the more details I take in beyond that first impression. A very basic way of describing a game like Forza would be like putting on a pair of glasses with a new prescription. You don't really realize how clear things can be until put on that new prescription pair of glasses for the first time. A great example of this is looking down the track in Forza. Things are just so clear. Oh, I take back what I said about Gears and I still think GR is a sleeper title for what the X does. It truly looks amazing in 4K. Kirby, you touch on a point that I totally agree about in that the X may not be for everyone. I like how it is positioned though along the same lines as the Elite controller. It is a premium product for people looking for that premium experience. At the end of the day it gives us a choice and choice is good.
  8. Xbox One X - first impressions?

    After a night's worth of play what do you other early adopters think? I tried three games last night: Forza 7, GOW4 and GRW. Forza 7 is as stunning as I'd hoped it would be and is definitely a showcase for the new console, especially when racing in a pack of cars. I did find that my attention would be drawn away from the visuals when I was focusing on racing. I was surprised by how good a game like Ghost Recon looks. I think the big open world and slower pace of play really lends itself to appreciating the enhanced visuals. GR is a real treat. For me, Gears 4 hasn't really met my expectations just yet. I need to give it more of a chance but this game seemed to be hyped up as the showcase title for the XB1X. It might be a victim of high expectations because of that right now.
  9. Xbox One X Are You Getting One?

    I even got an email from Telus yesterday about my data usage with all the downloading. Wow.
  10. Forza 7

    I turned mine on. It was either off by default or changing another setting changed it too. The game has bumped me up to Highly Skilled. The first couple of turns at any level seem to be an absolute shit show.
  11. New Activision patent

    Its fucked!
  12. New Activision patent

    How Activision uses matchmaking tricks to sell in-game items. - via Rolling Stone. Granted this is interesting technology but now we're to believe that matchmaking isn't fixed?
  13. IKEA to start selling on Amazon!

    I think Amazon or an Amazon-like approach for IKEA is perfect for them especially if they can deliver things as quickly as Amazon does. It fits their demographic near perfectly.
  14. Dom is a dad?

    Not sure if Dom's signed up here yet but its awesome news nevertheless! For those who might be wondering who Dom is he's an old XCL buddy of ours. Goes by TheIcon as his gamertag. Italian through and through on the outside but soft as hell on the inside. A real beauty.
  15. Update on GamerDADS

    Let's drink.