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  • Fifty was found sleeping in his bed this morning
  • BBQ Bacon was release from custody after smuggling bacon at a vegan party
  • X-Warlock is trying to sell his video card
  • creeping_judas was caught drinking budweiser last week as TMZ reports
  • Wolfe hasn't got his Xbox One yet

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  1. Budget 4k TV for Gaming

    Good to know Sam as I think Costco sells Vizio.
  2. Hello GamerDads

    Welcome Ty. Glad you found the place. Sorry it's a bit of a mess here, but Fifty is hard to control and that Luc! Dont' get me started.
  3. Well f*ck!...

    LOL. There is a 60% chance of rain all this week. Almost no snow here at all.
  4. Xbox One X Are You Getting One?

  5. Spintires: Mudrunner - A driving game that looks very different

    You know I'd just be crashing these trucks at will.
  6. GamerDADS wish list 2017

    It was subliminal Sam. With the 649 win, I can have all the bacon I want.
  7. GamerDADS wish list 2017

    World Peace! Lotto 649 Win. Good health.
  8. 4K HDMI splitter

    Of course I could use Bang Good for this as well. A guy at work buys from them all the time. https://www.banggood.com/4-Port-HDMI-Splitter-Switch-4x1-Out-3D-1080P-Video-HDMI-Switch-with-IR-Wireless-Remote-p-1054249.html?rmmds=search
  9. 4K HDMI splitter

    I'm thinking of getting one of these as the clowns that built the house made the pipe from the console to behind the TV so I can not run a second HDMI cable. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00UNX13J6?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxfaLtqj_1gIVEGt-Ch3jAQIQEAAYASAAEgJGfvD_BwE
  10. Not Sure What Is Going on Here? How About a Meme Competition?

    Looks like the girlfriend wife farted up a nasty one!
  11. I'm going to be rich

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  12. I Call Shenanigans On The News Post Ticker!

    Well considering you spelled Shenanigans correctly, I would have to assume you were drinking some form of watered down American beer!
  13. Dom is a dad?

    Who would a thunk he had any active swimmers left! Anyway, congratulations Dom Manchisi on becoming a father. I hope the wife and kid are doing well and drive you crazy for the next 18 years!
  14. Happy Birthday Sam

    May all your corners be swift and straight aways fast.