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  1. Duchene

    Congrats on Duchene, Luc! Poile again fleeced other GMs in a trade. Ottawa did quite well as well - getting Duchene as a topline C to play with Karlsson, Stone and the boys is great - even if only for 2 playoff runs. Sakic has no idea what he is doing - better trade McKinnon and Landeskog now as well, since tanking this season (Avs lack a #2 C now). Giving up ROR for nothing. Now give up Duchene for a long-term 'maybe' return. Worst run team in the league by far (and that's difficult with having Chia in Edmonton, and the other goon in Vancouver : ) ) Should make for some interesting Leafs-Sens and Habs-Sens games
  2. Unacknowledged Netflix documentary.

    i watched it yesterday - liked it although a bit chaotic
  3. Toys R Us filing for bankruptcy shortly...

    don't you have to live within a 10-20mile radius from the parcel depot to make it worthwhile though?
  4. Toys R Us filing for bankruptcy shortly...

    don't you guys get your stuff delivered at home? for me, most of the time shopping is a waste of time - unless it requires clothing / shoes (to see whether it fits) or food (have to see what i'm buying in fresh groceries).
  5. PS4 Leagues

    hey i do have nhl18, happy to add you to eashl team for occasional game if you like. I travel quite a bit for work, so def not always available
  6. Rebranding the Ottawa Senators

    http://www.ottawasun.com/2017/09/07/senators-reducing-canadian-tire-centre-seating-by-1500 Seems no rebranding for the Sens. With the seating being reduced now, seems like relocation talk would be a logical follow up (to areas where there is a fanbase willing to come to the games). Do you have a second favorite team Luc? (just in case)
  7. Creating our group

    I can't believe there aren't any more people interested in nhl18 on ps4
  8. What's your update?

    congrats Luc, sounds like a very wise decision!
  9. Xbox One S media capabilities

    quick question regarding internet - is there any way i can measure ping to specific game servers for ps4? in particular always had issue with nhl.. i have 300mbps symetric fibre - and actually get that consistently on my pc for download, upload between 180-250mbps, sometimes higher. for nhl series i always felt in online games, controls were a bit 'off'.. not sure if ping though? (ea servers for nhl in general are believed to be of low quality - i'm in europe, and don't think they have euro servers?)
  10. Rebranding the Ottawa Senators

  11. Rebranding the Ottawa Senators

    You know as well, that it's not the same franchise Luc... all well that NHL 'agreed' to have the new team 'keep' the old Stanley Cups.. BUT it's not for nothing that they started with a clean sheet on the Team Record.. In any case, the 0 will do for # of cups for the next few decades
  12. Rebranding the Ottawa Senators

    Is that the '0' for number of Stanley Cups won by the franchise? Good thinking - don't need to change that logo for a while then
  13. Creating our group

    Anyone... ??
  14. Creating our group

    hi Luc, others, I'm excited for hockey season to getting started again (go Leafs!! ) - in the meanwhile would be nice to play some games of nhl18 in Sept (I admit I'll be suckered in again to spend 70EUR on a game that doesn't have my favorite game mode GMC...). Are you planning to do some type of vs game schedule? If you can get 31 players, what you could actually do is have a league where you would follow regular season schedule; in that way people only would have to play 3-4 games max a week, and it's a more 'slow' pace.. I think that the lineups in vs even are kept up to date (trades, injuries)?? If people are committed to make it a very realistic league, you could have people make pictures as well post-game, and have overview every week on goals, assists and points leaders, and goalies with shutouts, save percentage, gaa.. etc. whether this would be a success, would depend on all players being of relative equal level, and people refraining from trying to look at exploits to win ; instead focusing on just having a nice league and interactions.. anyways, let me know what your plans are with this - i'd be interested in such a setup. (could help with recruiting some players to league and therefor your site). in addition, if people are interested in playing some eashl, i would be up for that as well (i think 3vs3 will be very popular in nhl18). cheers!