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  1. Who plays on PC here? Post your rig!

    Jesus Christ, I'm jealous.
  2. The Long Range version of the Tesla 3 has a range of 500km and can recharge 270km's worth in 30 minutes.
  3. Extend your console hard-drive

    Yep. I mean, I think I did... Free shipping too. Will let you know.
  4. Extend your console hard-drive

    I saw a 3TB Seagate external hard drive on sale for $50?? Sounded too good to be true...
  5. XBOX ONE S new price

    Sell it to me!
  6. XBOX ONE S new price

    Nice! I might then be able to get some even better deals on Kijiji on used systems...

    I don't know. I loved my Xbox 360, skipped the Xbox One, and have been burnt by my most recent console purchase, the Wii U. Maybe it's time to dive back in? I kinda want to wait to save up my money until VR has gone through it's chicken and egg dilemma (expression stolen from a Wired article). What needs to happen first? Solid hardware or big games? As of yet, Microsoft has been silent on the Xbox's VR, if there is any. Hopefully we get more info, as Fifty says.
  8. I'm looking for a new monitor to act as my main monitor (I am running a triple monitor setup), but all the new monitors I see that are geared towards gaming are $500+!! Any Recommendations for anything sub $300?
  9. Share your desktop!

    RainMeter (sorry, thought it was RainMaker) allows you to cuztomize your desktop to something crazy like this.
  10. Share your desktop!

    I use Reddit Wallpaper Changer app to automatically rotate my desktop every fifteen minutes. Loads of options to tweak / filter preferences. Check it out! I've always wanted to use Rainmaker, but could never get the hang of it. Anybody got some tips?
  11. Who plays on PC here? Post your rig!

    Are you planning to game on that bad boy??