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  1. PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds

    I have watched people play this, it looks really fun. Almost like GTA multi player style shenanigans
  2. Forza Motorsport 6 vs. Gran Turismo Sport Beta

    Is it just me or does Forza look faster? in the car view it seemed like there was more going on with Forza where as GT looked to almost float, as if there were no bumps. I am really cautious about any new Gran Turismo's after being burned hard with 5, what a waste of money that was.
  3. Golf Club 2

    May grab this, I heard lots of good things about the first one. I will probably go XB1 for it.
  4. MLB The Show 17

    Does anyone here play The Show? is it worth the 80 bucks, especially for a guy who does not follow baseball? How hard is the game to get into? If someone or multiple people could talk for and against about this game, I think it looks cool and I have heard the career mode is suppose to be better than any sports game on the market.
  5. NHL17 Playoff Sim by EA Picks Stanley Cup Winner.

    To my knowledge, they have never been right.
  6. Were talking about Playoffs!

    With the playoffs now officially set in stone and the regular season over with. Who are your surprises for moving out of the first round? How about your stanley cup final match up? For me, I could see either the Wild or the Hawks advancing to the finals, I dont think any team in the pacific is strong enough to beat them. My surprise pick will be Edmonton coming out of San Jose then losing to Anaheim. I dont think Calgary has enough to beat a team like the Ducks but I think they will get pushed to 6 or 7 games for sure. Out of the east there is lots to talk about its such a deep conference and hard to decide for sure. Sadly, I just dont see the Leafs beating the Caps then again, I dont see anyone from the east beating the Caps. I think that team can finally break through the glass ceiling and go to the SCF which they have a very good chance at winning. My surprise pick out of the east would be Ottawa. Their defense is on life support and all odds are against them. But, weird things happen during this time of year and I could see them shocking the Bruins.
  7. 2017.....less

    Well, there is some more nightmare fuel, thanks!
  8. My team is having a tough time

    Injuries are the worst. It sucks that its happening now. Its okay though, you can cheer on the Oilers next week!
  9. Xbox One S sale @ Best Buy

    I hit this button thinking it was going to the next page...
  10. Xbox One S sale @ Best Buy

    I have only done Convoy missions with other people. I cant figure them out using the AI and they become a real pain in the ass. As for Radio missions, I agree about how hard they are I still havnt done the one to the right of the starting zone that is in the city. The radio is in such a poor position.
  11. Ghost Recon Wildlands

    I am similar to you. I will find higher ground, mark targets and then start taking them out one by one. I usually start with Snipers just like Sam as well as guys in bunkers or fortified buildings. Then ill work my way to singles and finally crowds. One thing I love to use is the mortar strike. Yesterday I mortared a compound which had both unidad and gang members inside, this caused an inter squad shootout among them and I just picked off the stragglers.
  12. Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Im on XB1 as well and am always looking for people to play with. Edit: Didnt see the page 2 button, answered from page 1 like an idiot... please delete as I cant. Or keep it to remind me of the shame I have brought down upon myself.
  13. Shad is so awesome at these events he even covers a round of shots!
  14. Just a Reminder to Watch Your Backs!

    How did you get a link to the video from your profile?