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  • Cyber-Monday Deals stats tonight at 9PM Eastearn time on most website
  • creeping_judas bought 3 games on Black Friday
  • Marty remortgage his house for a 4K tv and an Xbox One X
  • creeping_judas was caught drinking budweiser last week as TMZ reports
  • Wolfe purchased his Xbox One S with no game
  • Marty has filed for bankruptcy after going out on Black Friday


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  1. Star Wars Battlefront II

    Got it, but not sure how much time I can sink into it right now.
  2. What do you prefer?

    Digital. Also, if the game stops being supported your physical copy won't be supported either. I just don't delete anything and don't have to worry about games leaving the digital marketplace.
  3. New Fall Update Rolling Out Now!

    More of a learning curve but definitely faster. The customization is nice.
  4. What console should my brother get for his kids?

    Do they have any other consoles at home? We have all of the current gen and the Xbox One gets the most usage but we also have the most games on it because of the home sharing. Nintendo doesn't do that to my knowledge at this point. For Dancing games Kinect works well for that and those are cheap as heck right now if they were to get a Xbox and wanted to add that in. By all reports the camera for PS4 isn't as good but does the job solid. The motion control for Switch is pretty good too. However, they have a harder time finding it. Personally I go Xbox or PS4 just because unless they are hardcore into Mario, Zelda, DK, etc then the multi console titles will probably play better on the big boys.
  5. Destiny 2 - Xbox Playdates Canada

    JohnnyXeo is hosting.
  6. Eh oh!

    True story? Mwhaha
  7. Gaming Events

    Virtual or in person? Virtually we got some weekly events with XboxPlaydates.ca on Wednesdays and Sundays. At work but can post our schedules. Tonight is Gears 4 hosted by Kiesey.
  8. Forza 7

    If it was gifted to me I would perhaps play, but, will wait for the next Horizon if anything.
  9. Eh oh!

    It was years ago in Guelph .... so maybe?
  10. Eh oh!

    Fifty ... you were there at the Buffet.
  11. Are Achievements still relevant?

    Yeah they matter to me, more so, in games that I really enjoy. The rare achievements popping make you want to hunt some of them because it does say you're a bit more than just a casual person beating it on easy.
  12. Toys R Us filing for bankruptcy shortly...

    Further on Outtie saying that most stores is profitable is very much true, but they also carry about a half billion in debt which they can't get ahead of and is putting them into the hole. Some vendors are demanding that Toys R Us pay for their product before they get it which they don't have. So, the Chapter 11 is also a financial strategy to get them into a position where they can build some inventory going into their busy holiday season where they will make most of their money. If you're into business it's very interesting in what they are doing because it's not something like Sears or Target where they just aged and hosed themselves over. There is also people saying businesses like Hasbro and Mattel will never let them go out of business because they make about 10% of their sales off of Toys R Us. For them to lose that would be huge.
  13. Xbox One X Are You Getting One?

    First in line and pre-ordered within 5 minutes of announcement. Won a $150 EB card from Fan Expo as well which put a nice dent in it.
  14. Eh oh!

    Recognize a boat load of names on here and been meaning to sign up for awhile. Sorry for anyone rage quits the site because I'm here now. However, if you need someone to scare the ladies at a nearby buffet I can always ask them, "When do you close?" as I put a napkin in my shirt. Luc messaged me today asking about Xboxplaydates.ca (shameless plug) so I figured I better get on here and participate. I can make a different post about that but it's good to see all the familiar names even though I think I have 90% of you on Xbox Live/PSN. Cheers.