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Looking for a typical 4k tv.

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Consumer Reports top-rated 46-52" 4K TVs

  1. Samsung UN49MU8000 (76/100)
  2. Sony XBR-49X900E (73/100)
  3. LG 49UJ7700 (73/100)
  4. Samsung UN50MU6300 (72/100)
  5. Samsung UN49MU650D (72/100)
  6. Samsung UN49KS8500 (72/100)
  7. Samsung UN49KU7500 (72/100)
  8. Samsung UN49MU7500 (71/100)
  9. Samsung UN50KU6300 (71/100)
  10. Samsung UN50KU630D (70/100)


Best buy: LG 49UH6100 (66/100)

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I recently bought a 55" Sony X900E... it has a native 120hz refresh panel (not emulated like most others), full array LED backlighting, glorious HDR, and best yet a very reasonable 30ms response which make it pretty solid for gaming. It was a toss up between this or the Samsung KS8000, and frankly this has a better feature-set. Oh and Android TV OS too, which is actually pretty slick if you're an Android user. I highly recommend this TV.

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I'd say Sony or Samsung. I had to return my LG a week after buying it because of numerous dead pixels. 


At CTD we would only deal with Sony or Samsung because everything else was an issue when it came to the automation side of things

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